This is an online MSP430 firmware editor. This means that you edit C-code within your web browser without having to install an IDE such as IAR or CCS on your computer. The files are compiled on our server and you download them from there. Developing MSP430 firmware from within your browser is very simple, but does not offer as many advanced features as an expensive IDE.

You are not logged in. Log in using your Google id. No registration is required. Your password is checked by Google and not sent to us. We store your email address as your identity, but promise not to send any SPAM emails or sell your details. In rare occasions we may send you an email, but not regular news letters. Using this service is free of charge.

This service is primarily meant for open sourced projects. If you select 'Closed' as a license, your project will not be shared amongst 'Shared Projects', but could still be accessed in other ways.

This service is currently in BETA testing, and although we do not intend to, we may have to delete files or profiles. Please keep a backup of important source files on your local computer. We welcome suggestions about requested improvements and other comments.

There is currently no source revision features, so you cannot step back to previous versions of your files. This is one of several features for future consideration.

The editor is based on the Editarea component and MSPGCC4.